Custom Probe Tips

On previous pages, the TruPosition Probes where shown with a standard tapered cone tip. This tip gives measurements by coming into contact with the leading edge of the hole and not the actual hole itself.

This condition is acceptable when measuring a hole in most applications. However, there are times when other features need to be checked, such as slotted holes, studs or weld nuts. Component Engineering offers ways to check these and other features you may encounter. Shown are a few examples of custom tips we have manufactured and offer as custom tip options.

Custom Tip Features:

  • A-2 steel Construction HT 58-62 R\C
  • Precision grinding for concentricity and interchangeability.
  • Changing between standard tip and a custom tip is done easily


  1. Almost any shape tip can be produced per customer requirements. It is necessary to make available the following information:
    • a. Type of feature to be checked, including as much information that can be supplied about the feature.
    • b. A drawing of the feature if possible, should be mailed, emailed or faxed.
    • c. The model & serial number of the TruPosition Probe being used.
  2. Price is quoted on individual request per requirements.