TruPosition LVDT Probes

LVDT TruPosition Probes

  • Best for parts with extremely tight manufacturing tolerances and require increased repeatability.
  • Works exceptionally well on die cast and stamped parts.
  • Designed for applications that require multiple hole-location checks with a single probe.
  • Allows for a single probe to be used with multiple gages.
  • Optional custom probe tips.
  • Built-In Electronics – No switch box.    Reading is initiated from the data collector.
  • Data Collection – Uses (2) two LVDT’s; (1) for the A-Axis and (1) for the B-Axis.  Can be used with any 8mm diameter LVDT.
  • Standard Offer:
    • TP109; 1.00” Shaft Diameter;  Standard Range of 3.17 mm can be reduced upon request.
    • TP110; 1.25” Shaft Diameter;  Standard Range of 6.00 mm can be reduced upon request.
  • Ships With – Carrying case, Zero Master Bushing and certification document.