Probe Blocks


  • Aluminum construction with .002” hardcoat surface.
  • Hardcoat is RC62-70 hardness.
  • Orientation Ring with “A” axis and “B” axis stamped into the ring.
  • The ring is used to orientate the TruPosition Probe to the desired position for “A” and “B” axis.
  • Thinner, lower, profile than a standard drill bushing that is press fit into a block of steel or aluminum.
  • Dowel holes and Probe hole are held to .0015” location to each other. This Allows dowel hole construction or CMM location of blocks, with dowel hole transfer method of construction.
  • Can be mounted on or through base, riser block, angle plate swing template, hinge drop, etc.


  • Brings the cost of building a fixture using the TruPosition Probe closer to the price of building a fixture with stab pins.
  • Smaller size and lighter weight make it possible, to use with hand apply fixtures and to place the bushings closer together.
  • All bushings will fit the Probe—no lapping required.
  • Hole patterns are the same for 1.00” Dia. and 1.25” Dia., thus they are interchangeable (except for PB208-1.25).
  • Orientation ring can be reversed and labeled any way needed.

Note: A Tooling Aid is available for setting the orientation rings concentric to the bore of the probe block so there is no drag on the probe shaft. See TA1.00 or TA1.25.