AP110 Pneumatic Probe

AP110 TruPosition Probe

Air Pneumatic LVDT version

Specifications: (Standard Models)

  • Accuracy +/- .00025” / .005 mm
  • Repeatable +/- .00025” / .005 mm
  • Range .236” / 6.0 mm
  • Max. Hole Dia. .930/23.62 mm


  1. Used where 100% inspection is required. or multiple checks are required in fast cycle time, for example, weld or assembly line.
  2. Stroke length for standard model is 1.87”
  3. Has integrated tip guard to protect tip from damage when positioning parts in fixture.
  4. Has no switch box, the reading is initiated from the data collector.
  5. Uses two LVDTs, one for “A” axis and one for “B” axis (not supplied).
  6. Can be used with any 8 mm diameter LVDT.
  7. Has options for 3rd Axis capability. Please contact us for more information.

*Based on type and brand of LVDT used.

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