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  • May 17, 2021

    TruPosition FAQ’s

    TruPosition FAQ's provide answers to questions some of our customers have asked, or things we think they might ask based…

  • April 21, 2021

    AP110 Pneumatic Probe

    The AP110 TruPosition Probe is a pneumatic true position probe used in automated inspection applications. See comments for more information.

  • April 21, 2021

    TP101 Probe Demonstration

    Here's a quick demo of our popular TruPosition handheld probe.   With a handheld probe, you can inspect for hole, slot or…

  • January 29, 2021

    Finding the right probe for your application is just a click away.

    TruPosition has quality inspection probes for a broad range of applications.  With our new Find Your Application resource, we've simplified…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I select a Digital versus an Analog probe?

A digital probe provides a great all-purpose solution for verifying dual-axis hole location, and the readings are displayed in the probe handle, so you can view inspection results on-the-spot and adjust accordingly. 

The compact design of an analog probe facilitates dual-axis hole location checks in tight spaces.  To view results, however, the data must be transferred from the probe to a data collector. 


Why would I select a probe with manual data recording versus automated data recording?

If your probe will be used to collect variable data on dual-axis hole location or variable surface data occasionally, you may want to consider a probe with manual data recording.  For applications where you are collecting variable data on most or all your parts, an automated data recording probe will be more efficient and consistent. 

For additional information on finding the right probe for your application, visit Find Your Application.


What sort of data collectors are compatible with TruPosition probes?

Our probes are compatible with most data collectors, depending on the connection requirements from the probe to the collector.

In addition, some of our probes feature wireless connection capabilities.  (TP102/102L and TP103/103L.) Based on your application, we can help direct you to the right data collector for your need. 

What customization capabilities does TruPosition have for their probes?

Standard customization options for our probes include custom probe tips, however, depending on your needs, we can explore additional customization options. 

What is the recertification process for a TruPosition probe?

To assure that the TruPosition Probe is accurate and meets quality standards of ISO9000 / ISO9002, Component Engineering keeps a file of all probes sold by serial number and maintains the last certification date.

We recommend probes be calibrated annually, or as deemed necessary in high-volume / heavy-use applications. 

Upon return, probes will be disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled.  Upon completion, we recertify the probe and return it to you with NIST traceable certification documents. 


How do I calibrate / recalibrate my TruPosition probe?

You can check the calibration of the probe using a calibration master bushing.  If the probe does not pass that inspection step, return it to TruPosition for service. 


Where can I find the serial number for my TruPosition probe?

Serial numbers are located on the TruPosition tag on your probe.


Are replacement parts available for my TruPosition probe?

Yes, replacement parts are available for your probe.  Contact us and we’ll help you determine what you need


Can TruPosition probes be certified to meet EU Declaration of Conformity?

We are currently exploring the requirements.  If you are a European manufacturer who has this requirement, email us at [email protected], and we’ll partner with you to find a solution. 

Can I order TruPosition probes and accessories directly from TruPosition?

Yes – probes can be ordered directly through our on-line form [link] or by contacting us at 1-616-888-2369.


Where can I find a Distributor of TruPosition probes and accessories?

Distributors contact information for TruPosition probes is located on our Contact page.


Where are TruPosition probes manufactured?

TruPosition probes are manufactured in Wyoming, Michigan – USA. 

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