Quality. Measured.

TruPosition probes and components. 
For precise measurements where speed and accuracy are critical.


Accurate and repeatable performance up to 0.005mm, depending on the model.

Variable data collection via wireless, data collector or operator entry.  

Multi-functional performance – Simultaneous measurement of A and B-Axis, multiple hole locations across multiple gages.

Tight checking point options, including tight tolerance and tight space.

Standard and custom solutions including custom probe tips and additional features.  

Durable design for heavy-duty manufacturing environments and applications.

WE Are

TruPosition is a Michigan based company that has focused on quality inspection solutions for over 25 years.

Our probes and components are used by fixture and gage companies, automotive, food processing, furniture, aerospace, and other manufacturing industries.

TruPosition Probes verify True Position hole location to ensure precision fit parts.

Accurate feature location in part design and production is crucial when lining up parts for a precision fit.  Part features out of tolerance can result in defects or part failures, and when your brand reputation is at stake, failure is not an option.

TruPosition has been designing and building probes and components for over 25-years.  Today, our dual and third-axis probes and accessories are specifically designed to simplify part attribute verification, confirm parts meet tight tolerance requirements, collect 100% variable data, and perform in heavy-duty, high-speed manufacturing environments and applications.

We go above and beyond in validating the quality of your parts, because we understand that failure is not an option.  


Ensuring a precision fit for over 25 years

TruPosition™ has been helping engineers, manufacturers and their supply chains ensure quality parts for over 30-years. Our portfolio of Probes and Components are specifically designed to validate True Position on dual-axis hole, slot or stud locations 1” in diameter or less with tight tolerance requirements in fast cycle-time and harsh manufacturing environments.

We are the only brand of True Position check gages that deliver in-line quality checks, variable data collection and reporting in both manual and automated applications.

Our solution is more accurate, cost effective and faster than any other solution for True Position measurement.