SPC Triggers

Collecting variable surface data in hard-to-reach locations just got a lot easier with Component Engineering’s line of SPC Trigger assemblies.

Our triggers are designed to work in tight areas. The low-profile constuction allows easy-to-gather readings from otherwise impossible positions.

Simply insert your preset indicator or LMI 200 into the bushing to gather quick and reliable data.

We currently offer the trigger in many standard off the shelf configurations.

Three offset options are available: 31mm, 50mm, and 55mm. Short and Long arm lengths are available. Triggers can be right-hand, or left-hand.

SPC Trigger Standard Models:

  • TR400-31 (Short Arm, LH, 31mm offset)
  • TR400-50 (Short Arm, LH, 50mm offset)
  • TR400-55 (Short Arm, LH, 55mm offset)
  • TR401-31 (Short Arm, RH, 31mm offset)
  • TR401-50 (Short Arm, RH, 50mm offset)
  • TR401-55 (Short Arm, RH, 55mm offset)
  • TR402-31 (Long Arm, LH, 31mm offset)
  • TR402-50 (Long Arm, LH, 50mm offset)
  • TR402-55 (Long Arm, LH, 55mm offset)
  • TR403-31 (Long Arm, RH, 31mm offset)
  • TR403-50 (Long Arm, RH, 50mm offset)
  • TR403-55 (Long Arm, RH, 55mm offset)
  • RAT-25-3.0 (Right Angle Transfer)

Note: That all triggers can also be customized if you can’t find what you need. Please inquire with any custom application you have. We would be happy to help you find a solution.