OSM-1.25 2.00 mm Offset Master

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Used with TP107 TruPosition Probe


The TruPosition Probe has two electronic devices called “potentiometers”, (one for “A” axis and one for “B” axis). These potentiometers have to be calibrated with the data collector being used with the Probe. The calibration process gives accuracy to the Probe.


  1. Quick, easy and accurate calibration of the two potentiometers inside the TruPosition Probe.
  2. Can be used to check the accuracy of the TruPosition Probe, if for some reason accuracy is in doubt.
  3. Can be easily changed between standard tip calibration to custom tip calibration, with use of custom Offset Inserts (quoted upon request).
  4. The 2.00 mm offset is held to +/-.01mm

Shipped with OSM-1.25

Certification documents traceable to NIST.


  1. Once calibrated, the TruPosition Probe should stay calibrated. It is advised to check the calibration once per shift, if the Probe is dropped and every time it is used with a different data collector, as the calibration is stored in the data collector not the Probe.
  2. It is not necessary to purchase one Offset Calibration Master for every TruPosition Probe purchased. A Company should have one per plant or manufacturing area.


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