About TruPositionTM

We developed TruPosition probes over twenty-years ago in response to a growing need from our automotive suppliers for a quality inspection option that validated hole location was within positional tolerance of the defined True Position and provided variable data measurements.  Not only was our probe able to provide better variable data collection, faster, our portable probes went to the part, rather than an operator having to take the part to the CMM for a more time-consuming quality check.

Today we have expanded our TruPosition line of probes and probe components to include both Portable Probes for random hole location checks and tooling development and adjustments, as well as Automation Application probes for when 100% variable data collection and reporting is required in fast-cycle-time applications.

Our probes uniquely deliver meticulous measurements in applications where speed and accuracy are critical.  In addition to verifying hole location, some probe options can also measure and report variable surface data.  All probes can be customized to meet your unique part design and tolerances as well as quality inspection needs for sequential or simultaneous variable surface data validation.

Our Probes Meet The Following Customer Needs:

  • Manual and Automated Applications
  • Dual-Axis Hole Location Check
  • 100% Variable Data Collection
  • Multiple Hole Location Checks – Single Probe
  • Tight Checking Point – Hole Location
  • Tight Tolerance Check – Hole Location
  • Tooling Development / Adjustments
  • Tight Checking Point – Surface Data
  • Variable Surface Data Collection / 3rd Axis Compatible

Our Probes & Accessories

TruPosition probes are hands down the most accurate, trouble free probes i’ve ever used. We can gather variable data from multiple gages with a single portable wireless probe enabling us to save time and money!

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