VT2163 Digital Interface Box

(For Use with TP102 or TP103 TruPosition Probes)

The VT2163 cable and interface box is designed to be hooked up to a data collector, with one cable, using a single port on the data collector.

Note: A cable, with a Mitutoyo® round 10-pin male connector on one end, which attaches to the interface box and a connector on the other end that is compatible with the data collector being used, must be purchased from the company that produces the data collector.

When hooked up and operating, a person using the TruPosition Probe only has to push the send switch one time. The interface box will immediately retrieve the data displayed on the readouts and send the “A” axis data first, then after approximately a two second delay, it will send the “B” axis data to the collector.

The data collector being used must be programmed as if the send button is pressed on the “A” axis readout first, then after a two-second delay, as if the send button is pressed on the “B” axis readout. (autoscan)

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