TP106 Manual Probe

TP105 TruPosition Probe

Manual Read

Specifications: (Standard Models)

  • Accuracy +/- .001” / .02 mm
  • Repeatable +/- .0005” / .02 mm
  • Range .125” / 3.17 mm
  • Max. Hole Dia. .930/23.62 mm
  • Shaft Diameter 1.0001″
  • Shaft Length 3.20″


  1. No built-in electronics.
  2. It has two 3/8″ holes on the handle end, one for “A” axis and one for “B” axis. Preset at 31mm for a nominal reading. (31mm can be changed at additional cost).
  3. The hole location measurements are taken by inserting a measuring device such as an indicator with a zero preset at 31.0 mm or LMI 200 Probe. The device is inserted into the holes on the end of the probe, one at a time, to get an “A” axis reading and a “B” axis reading.


  1. Short length
  2. One measuring device can be used for hole location and surface SPC checks.
  3. One cable hooked up to the data collector.

Shipped with TP105

Carrying case, zero master, and NIST traceable documents.

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