VT2171 Digital Interface Cable

$300.00 • Part #VT2171

(For Use with TP102 or TP103 TruPosition Probes)

The VT2171 cable is designed to be hooked up to a data collector, that has two ports, that will accept the Mitutoyo rectangular 10-pin connectors (Mitutoyo #936937).

The VT2171 cable can also be connected to a Gage Talker Gage Port, model #GP2102, that is plugged into a data collector.

There is a direct link between the readouts in the TruPosition Probe and the data collector. A person using the TruPosition probe sends the data by pressing the send / data switch on the data collector or a foot switch that is connected to the data collector.

The data collector being used must be programmed to take both the “A” and “B” axis readings simultaneously.

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